Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Taking advantage of the heat


You may have heard that Portland's been having a heat wave this week (uh, I just heard they're predicting 110 today!). Triple digit temperatures have not lead me to feel terribly inspired about much, but it has been a great opportunity to take advantage of our new retractable laundry lines.

Turns out, running the dryer is one of the biggest energy sucks in most homes. We have a few racks inside our house for hanging laundry, but have been wanting to capitalize on Portland's summer sun to do more for us.

Last week David attached this to the back of our house and strung it to our back fence. We now have 6 long lines on which to hang our wash. And, when we want it to disappear, we simply retract it back into it's case.

Yet another small thing we can do to save money and, more importantly, reduce our impact on the planet. Baby steps.

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