Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm now at the halfway point of my 21-day plan. I have exercised every day but one so far, and it's been great.

I found the perfect solution to my need-for-cardio but hate-for-gyms: the Matt Dishman Community Center. We've been taking Anna to Dishman for years (it's where she took her great French classes, and where she and David swim), but I never checked out their fitness center. Turns out, it was completely renovated in June with all new equipment, and it only costs $2.80 to drop in (with a punch-card). There are never more than a few people there, and everyone is focused on what they're doing (i.e. there's no “scene”). It also happens to be a 5-minute bike ride door-to-door, so it really couldn't be a better fit.

The non-diet diet has also been going well. I've limited myself to the occasional beer or glass of wine, and have really stuck to fruits, veggies, and protein for the bulk of my calories. And you know what? I'm not missing a thing! I'm really feeling good about what I'm doing and how I'm doing it.

One item that's been helping me is kombucha. Do you know about it? It's a fermented tea that has become very trendy around these parts. I particularly like the Synergy brand which is mixed with a bit of juice. Kombucha is a strange beverage — I can substitute it for most of my “vices" and feel satisfied. I've mostly been drinking it around 5pm, when I'd normally be having a glass of wine. There are claims that kombucha is really beneficial, with tons of probiotics and amino acids, but it's not without controversy, so drink it at your own discretion. Also, be advised that kombucha contains small amounts of alcohol (around .5%) which occurs naturally in the fermenting process.

As for weight-loss (or pant loosening, since that's what I'm really going for), I can't really say I see much difference yet. I think that the 21-day point is really when this thing will take hold and start to show. Honestly, I expect to be incorporating these changes into my lifestyle permanently. Do not despair though — there will always be room for baking in my life (and I will share, of course)!

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