Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Beauty

It's been a while since I posted some random photography. These have all been taken in the past month or so, and I like how they present a picture of life in Portland — well, my life in Portland anyway!

A parking strip along Fremont Avenue.

Not even sure what this is, but there were several of them lined up against the side of this house. Just loved the texture.

Saint Cupcake for dessert!

Beautiful mimes along Alberta Street on Last Thursday.

A perfect rose.

This dog is better dressed than half of Portland!

Living Room Theater bar
The bar at LivingRoom Theaters, where you can catch an art/foreign film while having dinner/drinks in comfy, leather chairs.

farmer's market
The simple beauty of farm-fresh, organic produce sold by the farmers who grew it.

My own organic beauty, wearing the dress I finally finished (with much swearing) from Weekend Sewing.

Portland is the only town I know of that has such a variety of (excellent) food carts all over town. Must try the potato cart soon!

berry season
Berry season! (need I say more?)

brew and theology
I don't practice religion, but if I did I'd be sorely tempted by a church offering "brew and theology" at 5:30!

I saw this boy on Alberta Street at Last Thursday and couldn't resist a picture. Such style!

And I leave you with the beautiful, blue eys of this alpaca, also seen at Last Thursday.

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