Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family camp: the final days

Our last few days at camp were packed full of so many new activities. Some highlights included a blind tasting of wines brought by fellow parents, a beach BBQ for all the families, karaoke night (always the best night of the week!), the kids groups show, a beach campfire, the farewell show, and an ice cream social (got all that?)!

beach BBQ

Parents met up with kids groups at the beach for a BBQ lunch and some play time.

rock climbing

Doing her own rock climbing on a play structure at the beach.

at the beach

The true love of Anna's week (last year, too), Stephanie.

fancy girls

We shared the dining hall with other groups, including some high school leadership thing. There were tons of kids in costumes for the last few days we were there. Anna was particularly taken with this group of “fancy” girls.


And I enjoyed the bees.


David singing Rebel Yell on karaoke night. No, there's no video. Sorry!

hot hot hot

Cami, one of the counselors, showing how she can take the heat!

kids groups show

Anna has decided she's going to be on stage anytime she can. Here she joined some counselors doing a song before the kids groups show.

kids groups show

The ever-enthusiastic counselors.


Again, Anna taking center stage. In all these campfire photos, you'll notice the intense haze. There were forest-fires burning in the mountains and the air quality was really poor that night.


Getting ready for s'mores!




Singing camp songs.


See all those spots in the air? That's ash!

ice cream fit for a princess

Anna's version of heaven.

Goodbye Hugs

Goodbye hugs.

David's been getting his photos of the last days up on Flickr as well. As for me, we've been home 5 days now and camp already feels like a distant memory! I'm thinking about work, back-to-school, cooking, and moving on to new adventures to share with you. Stay tuned!

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