Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family camp: days 2-3

Here are a few highlights of some recent activities. There are many other things we've been enjoying here but haven't captured in photos, including awesome yoga classes with Niav Connor, many hours of tennis played by David, a day of local wine tasting (which resulted in one of the best coffee epiphanies ever*), meals shared, pool silliness, and more.

rock collection
Organizing her collection of found objects from a nature walk with her group.

the men on the wall
A nighttime climb (our first) at the Rec Center while the kiddos sleep. David's on the far right.

Reaching for the Top
And here I am — finally getting the hang of climbing!

The Continent Song
Anna stole the talent show! She sang 3 songs. You can see the video here.

breakfast with Danee
Almost every meal we have a counselor join us. Danee is a lifeguard and surf instructor at camp this summer.

field trip
Heading out on a group field trip to feed the giant koi at the UCSB Student Center (they fed them goldfish crackers!).

new friends
Anna and Alexandra, two of the seven kids in the 4-year-old group.

gettin' down
Another event while the kids are in bed. The dancing took place between rounds of team trivia (our team kicked ass!).

fairy painting
The craft hut is stocked with ceramics which get fired every night in the kiln. Anna chose a sweet fairy to paint.

bunny at the beach
We came across this little guy on the path down to the beach.

throwing rocks
Anna's favorite beach activity — throwing things (rocks, shells, seaweed) into the water!

And my favorite beach activity — finding unexpected treasures.

And unexpected beauty.

* After hours of wine tasting on what felt like a very hot afternoon, we found a great, local coffee shop in Los Olivos. Instead of the typical sugar-laden coffee milkshakes, they offered an iced, blended coffee that was nothing but espresso, milk (soy, in my case), and ice. It was divine. There will be many in my future.


Leslie said...

Looks & sounds like you are having a great time. What a terrific place for a family getaway! Enjoyed the post & the pics, hope you enjoy the rest of your stay. :-)

Alphabet Dancer said...

Awesome pix! The girls are asking to see Anna sing, over and over and over...