Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring, part 2


This weekend was typical of Portland this time of year — too many fun activities to choose from. Since we had temperatures in the 70s for the first time in months, we opted for an outside adventure. Although we had no idea what trilliums were, we headed south to Tryon Creek State Park for the Trillium Festival.

The park itself is only about 10 miles south of Portland, right next to Lewis & Clark College. And trilliums are lovely, 3-petaled flowers which bloom there this time of year. The park has lots of trails for all levels or hiker — we opted for the easiest since it was Anna's first time and I, true to form, was dressed exactly wrong for the circumstances.

We strolled for a bit, looked for wildlife, and brought home a trillium of our own which Anna and David planted in the back yard.






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Anonymous said...

I love your pictures so full of life!!!

You have a lovely family.

Thanks for sharing :-)