Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Drunk with color

Yesterday Anna and I walked up the street to our neighborhood library. I brought my camera to shoot some photos of the local color on the way. Three hours (!!!) later, we completed our 10-block circle, drunk with all the beautiful colors. I don't know if Portland is stunningly, ridiculously beautiful this time of year or if we're all just so starved for color after the long, grey winter that we're easily cheered. Either way, it's all everyone talks of these days — the blue sky, the sun, the flowers popping up everywhere.

Of course, today we're back to grey again, so I'm giving these photos to you as my gift, to fill your days with color until the sunshine beckons again. Sort of like Frederic, one of my favorite childhood stories by Leo Lionni, a graphic designer turned children's book illustrator back in the 1960s.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing :-)

your pictures are wonderful !

Strongrrl said...

Thanks, Leila. And for all the nice comments on the other photos too. I'm going to have to post some of the photos Anna's been taking next! She's always asking for my camera these days. :-)