Friday, April 3, 2009

Down the rabbit hole

It's gotten to the point where I could spend my entire life on the web. Between blogs and Etsy, there is now this spiral where one thing takes me to the next and so on until I am so deep in other peoples amazing talent that I just have to come up for air.

The latest example of this began at The Black Apple. Actually, that's not even true. I can't even remember which blog led me there, but they were featuring little collections of things and I clicked on a painting of Emily's at The Black Apple. Turns out not only is she yet another Portlander, but I had marked her as a favorite on Etsy when I first discovered it over a year ago.

Perusing her amazing work, I landed on these paper dolls, which I instantly loved. At first I thought I'd get them for Anna and save them until she's older. But then I read Emily's suggestion of framing the sheets just as they are. I love that idea because, really? They're for me. They will be hanging in my office just as soon as they arrive. And maybe, when she's older, I'll share them with Anna!

Anyway, The Black Apple's Etsy shop led me to wonder if Emily has a blog, which of course she does. Actually, she has not one, but two blogs. The main blog, Inside a Black Apple, shows her work, as well as other designy/inspirationy things. Her second blog, Some Girls Wander, is her fashion blog, which is to say it's mostly photos of her in the cutest outfits you ever saw. She has the kind of style I'm sometimes tempted to imitate, but which can only be pulled off if it's genuine.

From her fashion site, I was led to HEL-looks, a site featuring photos of street and club fashion from Helsinki, Finland! Who knew?!

Writing it down here, it doesn't sound like the time-sink that it was, but now all of these new discoveries are on my NetNewsWire feed (I have finally got the subscription-thing down!). I think in the future I'll be changing up my list of blog addictions on the right a bit more frequently to share the love.

If you've discovered some blog/Etsy site that you'd like to share, please let me know in the comments. You've all been so quiet lately I'm starting to wonder if you're still out there. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Unknown said...

Emily and Ashley are friends of ours and they are the biggest sellers on Etsy as well as recent transplants to Portland. Here's Ashley's blog:

Unknown said...

One more thing, Andy's sister bought the paper dolls for me for Christmas and I have them framed in bright little Ikea frames in my guest room!