Sunday, April 26, 2009

In the Pink

Walking down to the local wine shop to get some local pink rosé*, I was struck by the pink landscape around me. All these images are within a 15-minute walk of my house. The last few, including the gorgeous pink tulips, are in my front yard. I love spring!

* First of all, yes, I know saying pink rosé is redundant. I was making a point for emphasis, since my post is about pinkness. Secondly, a note about my rosé quest: Every year my best girlfriend and neighbor, Jacqueline, and I embark on the quest for the perfect rosé of that year. We're looking for the right balance between acidity and minerality — usually somewhere between a typical French rosé and an Oregon Pinot Noir rosé. in previous years, we have loved Noccetto, Chiaretto, and Patton Valley. This year, we haven't found it yet, but we're just getting started. Part of the fun is the search, after all!

If you're interested in helping us further our research, please note your favorite discoveries in the comments section. I'll be sure to post again, later in the summer, when we've found the one.

Cheers! (Not sure how this turned into a wine post, but really, shouldn't be too surprising!)


Dana said...

Have you tried Night Train?

brian b. said...

Pink my favorite color!