Monday, March 9, 2009

Hänsel & Gretel

hansel and gretel

I make my living as a graphic designer. As a kid, I was an art and design fanatic and that translated easily to graphic design when I got into college. I loved the way that design (good design, that is) served as a bridge between idea and art. A form of visual communication that could strengthen a message, not just decorate it.

I also love books. Both as a way of leaving myself behind and entering a world previously unseen or unimagined, and as a vehicle for art and design. When we were in France we went to La Galerne, a wonderful, enormous bookstore in Le Havre. I bought several books, including Le Scaphandre et le Papillon, with which I have yet to make much progress.

My special find of the day, however, was a beautifully interpreted edition of the children's book Hänsel and Gretel. This version, by Czech painter Kveta Pacovská, is definitely not like anything I've seen before. It is a beautiful, dark, mixed-media piece that (I think) fits perfectly with the creepiness of the Brothers Grimm.



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