Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Many, many moons ago, sometime around 1989, I was standing in the parking lot of the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. It was chilly out, and I was dressed in a miniskirt, bra and blazer because you know, why not? I was with a friend, waiting to go in to the club, and I said I was cold. Just then two guys walked by and heard my complaint. With no hesitation one of them offered the following bit of advice: "Then put some clothes on!"

Honestly, I thought that wasn't an unreasonable suggestion and I also thought he was a total dweeb because, really, who in their right mind would tell me to put some clothes on?!

The irony is not lost on me then, that as I watched the Miley Cyrus video for “Wrecking Ball” I turned to David and said “She's sad because she forgot her pants.” I'm not a Miley fan — until last night I'd honestly never heard her music —but I had heard about the fuss over the video (in which she rides naked on a wrecking ball and licks hammers and shit).

Anyway, I could go into a whole thing about my take on the video and my delight at this spot-on parody, but really, that's not why I'm writing this.

I guess I'm writing this because I've finally realized that growing up means knowing when to keep your clothes on (and, of course, when to take them off).

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