Sunday, August 11, 2013

London: part 1

The beautiful, enormous Museum of Natural History (which we did NOT make it into).

Ohmygosh London is big! BIG! So big that despite my best intentions, there is just no way we're going to be able to see many of the things I had hoped we'd get to. Some of it is due to crowds (The Natural History Museum, Buckingham Palace) and some of it is due to the sheer enormity of the places we do get to (the Science Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum).

Here's a look at some highlights from days 1-3:

Little Miss, setting out for our first day’s adventure. She’s in front of our lovely, if somewhat inconveniently located Airbnb flat in Kensal Green.

At the Science Museum, a model of a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud (with an airplane suspended behind it).

For the geeks among you :-)

A small portion of an elaborate monument to Prince Albert, in Kennsington Gardens.

In Kennsington Gardens

After a walk along the Thames, we stopped to admire Tower Bridge.

The Victoria & Albert Museum has the most amazing program for kids. For an hour at a time, they can check out themed backpacks full of information and materials that introduce them to works within the museum. Anna did this for eight hours one day and went back for more the following afternoon! Far and a way her favorite was the Architecture bag, which happens to be the newest addition to the program.

The view from the V&A courtyard, where we spent an hour sitting in the grass visiting with some Portland friends who happened to be in London at the same time.

We wandered from the V&A to a perfect little Indian restaurant.

The next day we spent time at the Transport Museum, which has great displays of various trains, buses, and cabs from throughout London's history. I just loved the mannequins in this one!

And a close up.

In honor of the 150th anniversary of the Underground, the Transport Museum was displaying many of it's historical posters. This was one of my favorites (from 1938), though there were lots of great ones.


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