Monday, August 19, 2013

A little London, a little Paris

One of the weird, wonderful paintings at the Tate Britain.

The past week or two have come and gone, and I just haven't gotten around to posting. In London, we were crazy busy the entire week. It was great to see so many new things, but it was also exhausting and we got pretty burned out. By the time we arrived in Paris, we had lost most of the energy for sightseeing and mainly just hung out with friends (there was one major exception, which I'll post about next time!).

One of the beautiful horses at the Royal Mews (the stables for Buckingham Palace).

Waiting patiently for 4:00 tea at a London Tea shop.



A small painting by John Singer Sargent at the Tate Britain. He's my latest obsession (what can I say? I am very behind the times!)

In Paris, we took our friends to a few of our favorite haunts. This is by the Nikki de Saint-Phalle fountain outside the Centre Pompidou.

Heading to the Tuilleries by way of the the courtyard at the Louvre.


Flying high at the Tuilleries.

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