Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Still lives

A couple weeks ago, two little girls came asking for an art project. Really? Does it get any better than that?

Neither of them had ever done a still life before, so I began by finding a few different examples online. I really wanted them to see that they didn't have to be representational. I think it's so important that kids understand there is no doing it "wrong" with art.

A simple set-up and some oil pastels were all that was needed. Their work, of course, was amazing! And I love that they both added in apples even though there wasn't one in the still life. Creative license at work!



Chiara's still life

Anna's first still life
You'll notice Anna went back to her stage name, Lavender, to sign her work!


Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

This is great! I love childrens artwork. Kids don't overfocus on trying to be perfect or get things 'just so' - it's more an expression of how they feel about what they are drawing and/or how they feel about drawing, about expressing themselves. Free, happy and totally untethered. Give Lavinder my love. ;)