Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Banana Soft-Serve

banana soft serve

This right here? This is why I lugged around a Champion Juicer from San Francisco to Virginia, back to San Francisco, and finally to Portland. The good news is you too can make banana soft-serve with a food processor or good-quality blender.

This treat was whipped up for a discerning 5-year-old and her 10-year-old sitter/friend who proclaimed it the best ice cream she'd ever had! And the only ingredient is frozen bananas.

I've topped it with a homemade chocolate sauce (a bit of cocoa powder mixed with agave), and beautiful raspberries from our yard. Serious yum!

For step-by-step instructions on how to make soft-serve in your food processor, I recommend you look at these from Gena at Choosing Raw.


dms said...

Oh. you are not kidding! Eating my own happy little bowl of this ice cream now! wow! I SO wanted to stop at Dairy Queen, on my way home, for a Blizzard. One small problem...I'm allergic to dairy. Then I remembered your Banana Ice Cream....SO MUCH BETTER THAN A BLIZZARD! Yummmmmm
Thank you for saving me the belly ache!

Strongrrl said...

Yay, Di! Glad to hear it. Isn't it the best? I confess that cleaning the juicer makes me a little lazy about making this for myself more often. But sooo worth it when I do!

Leslie said...

Can't wait to try this! It's crazy easy and sounds delicious. I'll comment again once we make it & let you know what we think.