Thursday, November 5, 2009

What’s Hot + What’s Not

Once again following the lead of Claire at Loobylu. Join the fun by adding your own and linking back to her site.

What’s Hot
The adorable new, reversible skirt I made for Anna. I had the privilege of taking a class at Bolt from Shelly of Figgys. She designed the pattern and has an awesome Etsy shop. Go buy things from her — she rocks!

The new skirt.

Close-up of skirt (with added piping).

Detail showing reverse side.

Tokyo Free Guide. This service pairs travelers with locals who want to practice their English. I am so excited that Noriko, a grandmother and Tokyo resident, is going to spend some time with us, showing us around Harajuku and, perhaps, a tea ceremony.

Slings & Arrows. We're loving this quirky, Canadian series starring the adorable Paul Gross.

Getting ready to host a trunk show for a friend. This means lots of new recipes to try and report back on, plus a fun weekend of socializing and shopping! If you're a PDX local, send me a note if you'd like to be on the eVite list.

What’s Not
The attitude that accompanies the need for individuation at age 4 1/2. I understand it, I probably even deserve it, but I'm sure not enjoying it!

Southwest Airlines kicking a mom and her 2-year-old off the plane because the kid was fussing.

Being cold. It's that time of year where I never actually get warm (and it's not even that cold out yet!)

Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I realize that it may be considered impolitic to write this, but I am so fed-up with this book. In addition to the many errors and omissions covered in the errata page, there are so many other mistakes that I've given up. Having just ruined my favorite piece of fabric on a pattern that doesn't work with the measurements given, I'm done. I want my money back on this one!


Anonymous said...

How fun is this upload! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment and the showing of your bubble skirt. I so appreciate your kind compliments.

Claire said...

Tokyo Free Guide sounds fantastic! Thanks for playing again this week Julie. xx