Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love note

Four-and-a-half is a challenging age. Literally. It doesn't help that Anna was practically born talking and so, at this late date, feels she is ready to move beyond our tiresome requests. Sometimes her behavior gets so bad that I just shut down. I simply cannot deal with whatever it is she's doing and I give myself a time out.

On one of those occasions, Anna chose to hang out in my office while I worked. She took a post-it pad and pen off my desk and went over to her table to work. The note above is what she created. It says “I am sorry for my behavior.” At least, I'm told that's what it says.

Needless to say, it did the trick.


Keri Petersen said...

That is such a touching story...I esp like the part about you giving yourself a time out! :)

leila said...

That sweet :-) at least she know how to say sorry!

Hope you are ok :-)

Leslie said...

That is precious! These little notes are the best keepsakes. Hang in there girl, I thought 4 would kill us all but now that we're at 8 & 11 I can see we're dying a slow, painful death instead. *wink*