Friday, October 9, 2009


A bit of before and after.

Yesterday I got a moment alone in the Action Center before today's grand opening. I hope this is the last time the Center will be so empty.

I did all the graphics for the Center. A few were just production of files, but most were designed and produced by yours truly. It was so satisfying to see it all together.

If you're in town, come by the Action Center tomorrow (Saturday, Oct 10). There are workshops from 10-2 and live music from 2-5.


Lady Di said...

wow, Julie! Very very nice!!! Powerful message...and I've never even been in the place! Nicely done! Congratulations.

Leslie said...

This project really turned out great! The site graphics are so effective and the images send such powerful messages. Great job Julie! Def a shining example of the power of clean efficient design. Thanks for sharing.