Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What’s Hot + What’s Not

Thought I'd join in on Loobylu's What’s Hot + What’s Not list this week.

What’s Hot
Fall Food: pumpkins, squash, figs, apples, pears! Fall is my favorite food season) although I can get pretty excited about late Summer, too).

Wrapping up work on Mercy Corps' Action Center, scheduled to have it's grand opening on Friday! If you're a Portland local, check out the schedule of events and come check it out. It's going to be a great, local resource!

The BoBike. Now that we have one of these for Anna, she and David bike to school every morning. That means David gets exercise, Anna has fun and learns about a greener approach to our life, and I get time to blog (or work, or eat, or shower).

Homemade cheese. I wrote about mozzarella here, but I've been playing with ricotta lately. It's even easier than mozz and, well, yum!

Reading: Recent faves include The Book Thief and The Colour. I'm currently reading The Last Days of Dogtown, and am enjoying it quite a bit. Just realizing these are all historical novels — a new trend for me.

What’s Not
Fall colds and other assorted germies floating around everywhere. The downside of preschool!

Shorter days. These days it's staying pretty dark until after 7am and soon it will be getting dark by 5. This, for me, is the biggest challenge of life in the Pacific Northwest.

Temper tantrums. We seem to have entered a new phase and it's a doozy!

Not enough hours in the day! Will someone please figure out how I can get an extra five productive hours each day? I think that would be enough. Maybe.

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Claire said...

Hope the germs and the tantrums are short lived! We're right in the middle of both too. Thanks for playing along this week. xx