Monday, June 1, 2009

Local color

Here in Portland, it's been beautiful for so many weeks now that it already feels like summer. Today, however, is grey with promises of rain. So I offer you some of the colors I've been collecting these past few weeks.

Ami, my fashionista friend, at her son's 5th birthday party. (In case you're keeping track, Ami is also my vegan/raw foodie friend!)

Poppies are everywhere right now!

As are irises.

Anna's toes
Anna's toes, colored with washable marker (a favorite hack of mine!).

Because I am in love with all the poppies in bloom right now!

I don't know what these are, but they're so lovely. Their colors, against the faded paint of this house, has a very etherial quality to me.

The scale here reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!

Enjoy the rain, locals! The sun returns tomorrow.


dms said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I just love flowers...and all those colors! oh, and those ethereal flowers (most of them pictured anyway) are Colorado Columbines. :)

Leslie said...

The flowers are lovely! I see DMS beat me too it but the yellow/pink ones are indeed Columbine. Not sure of the blue ones though. Nice post, thanks for sharing the beauty.

Leslie said...

What are the yellow flowers beside Ami - Roses or ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing :-)

And do you know what? I will get to see Portland this summer. Looking forward to this trip after seeing all your amazing pictures!

Strongrrl said...

Diane and Leslie: Thanks for the name of the Columbines!

Leila: Wow, that's great! When are you coming? It'll be great to meet you in person! What's bringing you to Portland?

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

I answered to your question in my blog. I truly hope that we will be able to meet ;-)

If the date are suitable maybe you could think of a " small" list of French/ or British products that you would like me to bring over (like the Yves Rocher product for example).


Strongrrl said...

louci: Yes, we must find time to get together when you're here! As for your sweet offer to bring things, where do I begin! Butter! (just kidding, sort of!) I would love more of that Yves Rocher though. And butter!