Monday, December 1, 2008

Jet-lag, part deux

I seem to have developed an unfortunate pattern. It's now 2am and I've been up for an hour. This is likely because I fell asleep at 8pm, owing to the fact that I was up at 3:45 last night. What can you do but give in?

Do the rest of you who blog find yourself composing blog entries in your head in the wee hours instead of sleeping?

I honestly don't mind. I feel more awake now than I have all day. Today I decided to try harder to just let Anna be Anna. I offered to take her back to the toy/bookstore we found the other day to just play there. Almost as soon as we set off it started to rain, and of course we have no real rain gear here, including for the stroller. We made the best of it, ducking into a cafe for a bite before actually going to the store. One of the things I've learned about Anna is that she's always hungry. If you know her, you know she's a skinny little thing who eats constantly. At home I never leave the house without loads of snacks, even if we've just finished a meal. So part of my plan for our collective happiness here is to plan on many, many snack breaks.

Lying in bed tonight my mind was jumping from this blog, to our overnight in Paris tomorrow, to my work for Mercy Corps. I'm super excited about the annual report I'm designing for them — work which is continuing while I'm here in France. (Side note: we are so very lucky that we can take our work with us. It's what allowed us to move to Portland and to make this trip to France). Anyway, the work has been on hold for a week while we were traveling and getting settled, and now it's starting up again. Having been away from it for a week, my brain is just firing up again and the gears are spinning at about a thousand miles an hour.

Also on my mind is the planned resdesign of the Strongrrl website. The site is at least 8 years old and doesn't reflect any of the work I've done in that time! It also doesn't reflect my current design aesthetic. I want to design a new site which will accommodate both my graphic design work and the line of purses and children's gear that I've been making. If only there were 30 hours in a day and I had both childcare and energy to do something with them! And I find it harder to design my own stuff than for clients, both because it always gets backburnered and because designing something to reflect one's personal sense of design is intimidating.

Anyway, with all this to do I guess it's time to stop talking about it and start doing it! Oh, and if you're one of my friends whom I haven't seen/heard from in a while lurking on this site, drop me a line! You know what I'm up to but I'd like to hear about your life!

A bientôt.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, blog posts tend to start happening in the strangest of times. Usually when it's quiet or there's not other people injecting thoughts into our heads. It's the ol "I thought of it in the shower" kind of thing.

I've woken up at 2 am and had to write something. Irritating. I should do it more often.