Monday, December 8, 2008


Why is it that things that you would never do at home seem like such good ideas when you travel? David and I polished off a bottle of local cider with our lunch today (at a great "bio" [organic] restaurant). We then stopped at a marché where we bought 4 different kinds of cookies, dark chocolate pudding, and more cider. (Mind you, this is in addition to the vin chaud and chocolate cake we already have at home.) Then we stopped at the boulangerie, as we do roughly every other day, for our morning croissants (with chèvre and jam) and baguette (with cheese and butter). While I can justify this somewhat with the miles we walk every day, I am sure that there's a point at which the intake is exceeding the output. That point was probably somewhere around when the 4th box of cookies made it into the basket.

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