Friday, December 19, 2008

Bumps along the way

It's been a somewhat rough day or two. For me, it started with the beginnings of a cold which has morphed into a pretty nasty cough. Then, yesterday, I did what David and I have been fearing since we got here. I fell down our steep, narrow, twisty, dark stairs while carrying Anna. Thankfully I didn't have far to go and I was able to keep my wits about me enough to protect Anna's head. My body took it a little harder. I bashed the side of my face into a wall and banged-up both my legs. Fortunately the only lasting impact a day later is that my left ankle/foot is a bit torqued. I am very grateful that I can walk today and that Anna's just fine.

And Tasia, my girlfriend extraordinaire from Portland, arrived yesterday sporting a pretty nasty deep tissue infection. She's been sick for a week or so, and we really didn't think she'd be able to make it here, but that's Tasia. She decided she'd rather be sick in France than in Portland and somehow made it through a full 24 hours of travel alone, puking her guts out along the way. She's on heavy-duty antibiotics which are making her feel terrible. Hopefully she be feeling better in a few days. We had such grand plans for our time together in France!

And, alas, today is my love David's 40th birthday. The motley crew he's surrounded by today doesn't exactly make for an exciting soirée tonight. I am planning to make crèpes, and we picked up a nice bottle of Burgundy and some amazing looking treats from the chocolatèrie. Hopefully we can all rally to give him a proper fête.

Happy birthday, Love. Je t'aime.


Theory said...

Thank you, my love. The crèpes avec champignons, epinard, chévre, poireaux, et emental were to die for! Next up: dessert!

Theory said...

…and the desserts from La Chocolatière Rouen were outstanding, especially with the Adrien Camut 12 ans d’âge Cavados.

Thanks for a great evening.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, David! I wish you the best year yet, filled with more adventures, great health, laughter and love.

Julie, I have enjoyed following the chronciles of your travels. Thank you for such great stories. I'm sending big Auntie kisses and hugs.

I wish I could blink myself there!

Anna Banana: Je T'aime!


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday David - time you finally joined the ranks of the 40 & up ;-)

Julie, I am so sorry about your fall! I've been following your blog and see that you have had a bumpy time so far. But this could have been much worse, I am so thankful that you are as okay as you are. Especially that Anna made it through unscathed. Take care and rest. I'm glad you're friend is there now, hope you can get well together. Wish I was there to make you some tea and prop your feet up for you...(sigh)

Love & Hugs,