Sunday, November 30, 2008

High of 36

Um, really???!!!


Steve Wheeler said...

Hi Julie,David and Anna,

Brrrr, little cold there. Glad you are now safely ensconced into your flat. I google earthed it and it looked big. But its three flats. Makes sense. I enjoyed your flicker pics and look for more as you continue your photo safari through your new home town and its environs. I tried to download the pics and got garbage. Is there a way I can download the genuine jpeg so I can add the photos to your album here?

Well, take care and thanks for the Thanksgiving greeting.

Love you all,


Theory said...

Hey Dad,

Sounds like you tried to download the Flash slideshow, rather than the actual photos. You can find the photos on Flicker. Click each individual photo, and then the “All Sizes” link above those you want to download.