Friday, November 21, 2008

Le Départ

We leave for France in 36 hours. The bags are packed (almost), the house is clean (almost), and we are all extremely excited about our upcoming adventure. It will take me a while to get up and running, but I'll try to post regularly so check back often. 

Our schedule is as follows:
Nov 24, arrive à Paris pour 2 nuits. Nov 26, train to Rouen, where we'll make our base in a 5-bedroom maison we know virtually nothing about. “Safe adventure”, my dad always used to say. 

If for some strange reason you want to put pen to paper and write us, drop me a line and I'll email you our mailing address. Otherwise, we can be reached via our email addresses and right here — so leave a little note saying hi, ok? We miss you already! Au revoir. A bientôt!


Schmeece said...

Julie et al, have a wonderful experience! Can't wait to live vicariously thru your blog. Bon voyage! Lisa Kirvin

Keri Petersen said...

Bounjour mes aimes! Je t'aime tu! Keri

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are doing a blog. Not only will it let others live vicariously, but it'll be a nice thing to have once you're back.

I can't wait to hear more.. Have a good trip. Good flight. Etc.

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