Monday, July 15, 2013

Nice: the rest

Well, somehow days 3-6 went by in a whirlwind of art and sun and mosquitos and ice cream. Here are a few pics which capture the days:

A trip to the Picasso Museum in Antibes, to see the art where it was created. Picasso actually lived and worked in the Chateau Grimaldi (which later became the Picasso Museum) in 1946 and he and his family subsequently the donated many of the works there.

The beach in Antibes, which thankfully has tiny stones instead of giant ones like the beaches in Nice.

Anna and I have been doing a lot of drawing, and she has started writing a story as well. The first installment is finished and will be posted on her blog soon. It's truly adorable. (ok, I admit to bias!)

A Calder at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice. I have to say, it was more contemporary than modern, and mostly just not my thing. I forgive Nice this museum, since they have so many others that I loved!

The anti-hovel. After four nights in a tiny, boiling, mosquito-infested hovel, I found this place on Airbnb for our last 2 nights. After 2 nights there, I've almost stopped twitching.

What you do when you can't build a sand castle. We were really surprised to discover that the beaches in Nice have no sand. Instead they have giant, foot-bruising, ankle-twisting stones. Fortunately for us, we all had Tevas, so we just walked right across the stones and into the Sea.

Our last night in Nice was Bastille Day, so at 10pm we headed to the beach for the big show. It was Anna's first time seeing fireworks. They didn't disappoint.

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Kurk said...

I'm glad that you are capturing this for those of us left back in the states. Keep up the good work!