Friday, July 27, 2012

Dinner with Clinton and Xavi

View from the front balcony (photo by Anna).

I know I've said this before, but without exception the best experiences we've had when traveling have been when people invited us into their homes. This summer, we've had the privilege of making many new, lifelong friends over a meal and a bottle (or four!).

When David tweeted that we were coming to Barcelona, he immediately received a response from Clinton, a fellow Perl programmer living in Barcelona with his husband, Xavi. They invited us over for dinner, sighed heavily over our dietary restrictions, and then treated us to an amazing evening.

Their home is beautiful. They have turned a 200-year-old flat into a modern oasis. I was beside myself taking pictures and asking questions. Xavi is a jewelry designer and has created or modified many of the details and fixtures. I was incredibly inspired and plan on stealing lots of his ideas!

I love everything about this room. Notice the painted picture frame hanging from the ceiling — brilliant!


Again, it's in the details. See how the picture over the bed only fills half the frame and then there are lights filling the rest of the space? Love the wall color, too.

Clinton on the back balcony. This was my favorite space in the house — an outdoor sitting room complete with astro-turf!


Sitting on the back balcony, lost in their respective Apple devices.

Anna modeling a ring designed by Xavi. It is encrusted with Swarvorski crystals.

Xavi hard at work over dinner while the others sipped Cava. The sink is the original marble.

Gazpacho with asparagus. Catalan gazpacho is amazing. One of my new favorite foods from this summer.

Xavi's homemade Romesco salad dressing is also a new favorite!

Salmon with fresh-squeezed orange juice. Ok, everything from this meal is a new favorite!

Perhaps the focus (or lack thereof) is due to the four bottles of wine??

The finishing touch. Nougat ice cream with stewed cherries. Killer.

The meal lasted til almost midnight, at which point David carried Anna to the Metro!

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