Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Twice in a lifetime

Rouen Skyline
Photo of Rouen skyline taken by David in 2008

I started this blog 3 years and 4 months ago, as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family as we embarked on our 6-week house-swap in Rouen, France. That the trip even happened was amazing — a series of coincidences and opportunities resulting in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Well, history is repeating itself. The family with whom we swapped 3 years ago has asked us (yes, they asked us!) if we'd be interested in swapping houses for the summer. After thinking it over for approximately 2 seconds, of course we said "absolutely!"

We are so excited to have a chance to go back to the charming town of Rouen in the summer this time. The fact that Anna will be 7 instead of 3 is going to make a huge difference. David will continue working for iovation, the company he joined in December of last year, and Anna and I will explore. We are currently working on our French, something I hope to continue with the Alliance Francaise de Rouen while we're there.

Needless to say, there will be lots of travel adventures and photos posted in the not-too-distant future. In the mean time, you can refresh your memory with my posts from our previous trip here.

Stay tuned!

P.S. In the right column of this blog I've started a list of some of the many great French blogs and language resources I've been finding. There's some really great stuff out there!


La famille Fabulet-Roberts said...

Great picture BTW. I want it! I am so glad this is happening. I wish we could actually all be in the same place at the same time but it's good that way too! :)

Femme Francophile said...

Thank you so much for inluding my femmesfrancophiles.blogspot.com in your list of blogs to read. As you can see from my blog I am a huge fan and advocate for the Alliance française de Rouen. I have done 3 linguistic stays through them and also worked as a volunteer with them for a number of years. We also do home exchange and have found it a great way to travel.

Strongrrl said...

Femme francophile: Thanks for your comments. I've only recently discovered your blog, and I'm really enjoying hearing about your adventures. It definitely helps to know others have had similar experiences when it comes to the process of language learning!