Monday, February 22, 2010

10 pieces of kibble

On Saturday night, we had our annual Julie’s birthday dinner party. This year the theme was crepes, and it was awesome. So awesome that I forgot to take any pictures.

During the course of the evening a friend and I started talking about aging and weight gain. It so happens that this particular friend, a former dancer, is in stunning shape (although she doesn’t think so). I’ve talked about women, body issues, and my own struggles many times on this site (here and here, for example).

The entire time my friend and I are talking her husband, a veterinarian, is sitting between is. At one point I offer that he go mingle with the others since I can’t imagine that our conversation is very interesting to him. He surprised me by saying that, on the contrary, he’d like to add something. Of course, I'm expecting him to say something about how lovely we both are; how we don’t need to lose any weight, that we’re perfect (and smokin’ hot) just the way we are.

What he says is this: “If a cat eats just 10 extra pieces of kibble a day, they'll gain a pound in one year. That’s 10 percent of their body weight from just 10 extra pieces of kibble a day.”

Point taken.

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leila said...

I wish it was always that easy :-(