Monday, September 21, 2009

Kind of Jew

I'm Jewish by birth, but really know nothing about Judaism. Since having Anna, I've toyed with the idea of learning more, but it just never really works out. I'm not interested in the religious part, just the cultural aspect, and it's often difficult to separate the two. And I'm kinda busy.

So when my cousin called last week and said “Shana Tova”, I said it back. Then I asked her what it meant. After she finished laughing at me, she explained that it was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I asked what that meant I was supposed to do and she said it was all about the apples and honey. See, this is why there's a part of me that still tries, because it seems to always come back to food!

Never one to waste a baking opportunity, especially one that brings me closer to my people, I did a Google search for recipes. This Apple Honey Bundt Cake from All Recipes had tons of great reviews. Of course I modified, cutting the sugar in half and subbing applesauce for half the oil.

The cake itself is good, not much different than the Applesauce Cake I wrote about here. But the best part was that when Anna sat down to eat her first piece she said “Happy New Year!” Mission accomplished.

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Sweet :-)