Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy Enough

Wednesday night is usually date night. This week, it also happened to be Anna's birthday and I wanted to do something special, even though it was just us grown-ups. We're not theater folks, mostly because it's just not in our lexicon, but also because of cost. However, a colleague had raved about Crazy Enough, a one-woman show here at Portland Center Stage in the Armory building (which we've been curious to check out since they remodeled a couple years ago) and we happened to get the last two seats to the show.

I had heard of Storm Large, both because she's a local celeb and from her brief fame on Rockstar Supernova, but I didn't know much about the show. It was fantastic. Seriously, I sat open-mouthed with my arms around my knees for most of the show, transfixed by this woman's voice. The story of her life as a child with a psychotic mother and, later, as a heroin addict, is mesmerizing. But her voice is transformative. From the very first note she had my full attention.

The play is intense, but in no way a downer. In fact, Storm is hilarious. A mix of vulnerable child, bawdy vixen, and, more than anything, a born performer.

Crazy Enough has been extended here in Portland until June 28 and you should call right now and get tickets. The theater is tiny and seats are general admission, but they're all good. The price, about $37 each is high, but really, it's so worth it.

And getting to hear my husband sing along to "My Vagina is 8 Miles Wide": Priceless.

Note: None of the attached links do her voice justice. To hear what she really sounds like, click here. You can hear clips from the show and/or buy the album, which I'm going to do right now! Gotta love the internet!

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