Monday, February 2, 2009



I’ve never been a chocolate person. As a child I was partial to strawberry, and my preference for fruit-based ice creams and other desserts has remained pretty consistent. I’ll always choose the lemon tart over the chocolate cake.

In the past year or so I’ve watched my daughter discover chocolate, and I drew the conclusion that one was either a chocolate person (like my daughter) or wasn’t (like me).

And then we went to France. I’m not sure how it happened, except to say that a small amount of good, dark chocolate accompanies many things in France. Without realizing it, I developed a habit.

Since returning to Portland, my new-found love of chocolate has become obvious. First I made these outrageous dulche de leche brownies. Then, our good friends (confirmed chocoholics) introduced us to these candies, imported from France.

And then yesterday I had the pleasure of discovering Cacao. Located inside the Heathman Hotel, the tiny boutique chocolaterie sells “drinking chocolate” as well as coffee-based drinks (I had the dark chocolate mocha — divine) and imported chocolates from all over the world. I am especially excited to try the dark chocolate Grey Salt Caramels. Just in time for Valentine’s Day (hint hint)!

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Leslie said...

ah one of the great loves of my life - chocolate! Thanks for sharing the brownie recipe, etc. Those candies look yummy too. I've recently started making chocolate molten lava mini-cakes with dark chocolate and they are unbelievable.